Chromecast for windows 10


Chromecast for windows 10 : Microsoft has just brought in another upgrade for it users. Chromecast is the newest upgrade in the Microsoft world. Now it has added the ability to cast videos from your phone, IPod, or other devices to your TV. Now you can change that TV you have viewed as old and not fun for long the latest upgrade in your house. This way you will be able to cast these media files from other devices and watch them on your TV.

Now there is Chromecast for windows 10. You can very easily upgrade your windows 10 to bring in this new feature that will keep you on top of your game and with new features. Installing Chromecast on your windows 10 is also such a simple job. You can now do it very fast and start enjoying everything. One you have downloaded it to your add-ons, you have already done half of the job. The next thing is going to the video you would want to stream then press the cast button. You will then be asked which device you want to stream. Here you will select chrome cast and then you will start streaming. The steps to install this have proved to be very easy and cast. Because of that, many people have now embraced Chromecast as the newest application to be added by Microsoft.

This upgrade has come in very handy for people who would want to watch such videos and movies on a bigger scree. You can now load everything from your phone and the view it on the TV. This therefore removes the fact that in most cases a laptop or computer is needed for one to do all this. Over time Microsoft have helped improve the lives of the users through the development of new applications such as this one.

Now with this application you will be able to extend your windows 10 PC screen to HMDI TV and have fun with it. This is something the whole family can enjoy having in the house. The limitations of having to use a smaller screen while watching a movie or a video with a group of friends or as a family are now in the past. Chromecast enables you to make that moment nice and cozy through the use of your TV and have the movie you want there. Chromecast has been developed for other windows too such as windows 7. However because 10 is an advancement, you using it is better.
Chromecast is a great app that has come in to ensure the improvement of lives on all levels.


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